About the artists at Dana Nail Junkie & Co.

We are so grateful for all of our amazing clients that keep us booked up!  All of us here at DNJ&Co. are by appointment only, and at this time none of us can accommodate new clients.  However, follow us all on Instagram (linked below each artist's bio) to never miss an opportunity to snag a random opening.  We are all independent of one another, so please contact the tech you wish to work with personally.

Caitlin graduated in August 2019 from Raphael’s School of Beauty Culture Inc. located in Alliance, Ohio.  Caitlin boldly made the jump straight into booth renting at Dana Nail Junkie & Co. to start her business in March of 2020.  Two weeks after Caitlin signed on, COVID-19 shut the beauty industry down in Ohio.  The beauty Industry opened back up in May 2020, and Caitlin once again made the jump!  She is currently booked solid with standing clients.  But you can still contact her just incase she has a cancellation appt. pop up.  Caitlin has the artistic ability to create beautiful and fun nail art designs for you.

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Dana Nail Junkie & Co. Artists


*Not Accepting New Clients*
Dana Cecil became a licensed nail technician in 2004, but her passion began much earlier in life.

Dana's favorite nail art services are anything with fine lines, and handpainting!

*photo credit Ramona Mae Photography

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*Not Accepting New Clients*
Makayla graduated Buckeye Career Center's Cosmetology program in 2016.  She then went on to further her career at Tusco Beauty School to acquire her advanced cosmetology license.

Makayla's favorite nail art services depends on the day, but she loves cheetah print, line art, and abstracts!

*photo credit Lindsey Raye Photography

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*Not Accepting New Clients
Caitlin graduated from Raphael’s of Alliance in August of 2019. Caitlin boldly made the jump straight into booth renting at Dana Nail Junkie & Co. to start her business in March of 2020. She is a natural nail enthusiast, meaning she only works with gel, specifically Luminary. All of her artwork is handpainted.

*photo credit Carterfolk Capture Co.

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Dana Nail Junkie & Co. Artists

Chelsea Starnes

*Not Accepting New Clients*

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*Not Accepting New Clients*
Rita started working at DNJ in 2021, and she fits right in! She offers gel polish services and Luminary.

Rita's favorite nail art service is florals!

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*Accepting New Clients*

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Kenzie Patterson

*Accepting New Clients*

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Dana will be opening City Block Salon in 2023. It is directly connected to Nail Junkie. If you are an interested Hair Stylist please send a text to Dana at 330-401-9675. You can also email info@cityblocksalon.com

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