Exciting New Site!

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Hello, and welcome to our fresh, new site!

If you don't already know who is behind Dana Nail Junkie & Co., it's me!  Dana Cecil.  I have been growing my business over the years, and I'm currently sprouting a new(ish) branch to my business.  I say newISH because I am only highlighting a part of my business now that I have wanted to expand for a long time, but only dabbled in.  An online store where visitors can shop my hand mixed cuticle oils, DNJ Merch, and some other exciting NEW items coming soon.  

Shopify has allowed me to upgrade my branding to provide a more shopper friendly site, as well as continue to provide visitors with the information they need to book appointments, learn about nail health, and find nail art tutorials by me.  I am bringing the site a more personal feel as well, and offering more than just nail specific items to you. These items will encompass the beauty industry, but also will be saturated with things that mean a lot to me, in my life.  Including, but not limited to Nature, Mind/Body/Soul...etc.

I am so excited to get to work on my newest additions, so sit tight, check out my shop, subscribe to the newsletter, and please let me know if there's anything you want me to chat about in the future!







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