Raspberry Truffle Moisturizing Cuticle Oil

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RASPBERRY TRUFFLE moisturizing cuticle oil is one of those amazingly sweet, dessert- smelling scents! The tart Raspberry with the sweet chocolate scent is perfection.

Contains Garnet Chips
This gem is a symbol of love and is often associated with life force, blood, heart and inner fire. Red garnet stones are associated with the heart chakra. It’s more intense than other love related stones, for example, rose quartz or jade. If you’re looking to attract love and positivity, include this stone in your life. People who have low energy levels will benefit from wearing this stone. The gem is effective in attracting positive things in life and can help you practice manifestation. Garnet also provides luck in all aspects of life and promotes self-love. This ensures that you live a happy, well-balanced life.

Why Use Cuticle Oils

Moisturizing your cuticles is very important for the nail/skin health as well as the life of your manicure. Using moisture rich oils on your nails and cuticles will ultimately strengthen your nails, and give the skin around them a healthy glow. Many of the cuticle oils available from Dana Nail Junkie are infused with pure essential oils as well as crystals for healing the mind/body/soul. Each oil mixed at DNJ has a combination of ultra moisturizing base oils that absorb deep into the skin for the best results.

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